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Product safety warning for diving hoses

Divers are being urged to immediately stop using Miflex High Pressure Diving Hoses. The Ministry of Consumer Affairs says this product has been recalled in North America due to the risk of the hose rupturing, leaving the diver without air supply and at risk of drowning.
The hoses are primarily sold as individual replacement gauge hoses. They may also go by the brands Cascade Hoses, Deluxe Cylinder Equalizer (P/N AC366), Miflex Two Gauge Console(HL300/HL300M) and Miflex Rebreather Kits.
The recall has been initiated by the United States supplier of the Italian-made products. Their website has further details:
Initial investigations by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs have determined that the equipment has been bought through overseas websites and imported into New Zealand.If you own one of the affected hoses, stop using it immediately and contact your supplier.

Images can be found on the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission website:

For more information, please contact:

Alastair Stewart
Communications Advisor
Ministry of Consumer Affairs
021 358 274

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